Space Prisoner 1.4

Space Prisoner 1.4
Work on Space Prisoner has ceased.
However, I will continue to update the high score list as scores come in.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Version 0.18 Additions / Improvements:

- Sent this version to eight playtesters.

- Two new powerups added, as well as a revamped splash screen.
- Energy Cube powerup: hatches from small gold asteroids. Adds to player's health (Or to an enemy's health if they grab it first). Can be shot, or destroyed in a collision.
- Gravity Well powerup: hatches from small gold asteroids, immediately falls straight to the -z wall. Upon impact with the wall it explodes and creates a temporary gravity field towards the -z wall. While plummeting to the floor, the Gravity Well is fatal to anything that touches it. But it can be shot, for big points.
- The Allied Ships are now a yellow color.
- The holodeck is now green and has a CR logo on the walls.
- Lots of files added. There are now approximately 12 .c files, all with accompanying .h files.
- Lots of new sounds added. They are all public domain sounds culled from the Internet.

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Anonymous said...

Great game! Lots of fun!!