Space Prisoner 1.4

Space Prisoner 1.4
Work on Space Prisoner has ceased.
However, I will continue to update the high score list as scores come in.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Added a "Reviews" link (just under the download link).

No high scores have come in yet... so I'm thinking that 50,000 points as the minimum might have been a little optimistic! In version 1.3, I'm going to lower the min threshold for generating a high score code to 10,000 points.

My personal high score on Space Prisoner 1.2 is 262,780.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Posted a "Instructions & Hints" PDF which provides some good information on what the game objectives are and how to do well in Space Prisoner.

I've realized that nowhere in the game did I include any real instructions (besides a list of the controls). Oops! The next version will have instructions built-in.

Monday, January 19, 2009

NOTE: If you reach 50,000 points or more, Space Prisoner will give you a special code at the end of your game! Email this code, your score, and your desired name to and I will post your high score on the project blog.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Version 1.2 released. Major memory leak plugged. It should be OK now.

OK, so clearly I should have done some more thorough playtesting!

Apologies to all who suffered through the indignity of having bizzare and/or hanging displays when they downloaded version 1.0 or 1.1 and tried to start a game. I forgot an important rule: OpenGL requires that the width and height of all textures be a power of 2 (128, 256 etc)... I had one large one which didn't meet this requirement. This caused an OpenGL memory leak. My fresh, RAM-heavy machine handled it no problem... but other machines didn't.

Great start to the public version, don't you think? :-/
Version 1.1 released. Here are the changes from 1.0:

1) Several old, unused resources have been removed, so the overall file size is much smaller now.
2) Fixed some small bugs with the splash screen.

Unfortunately the "swath of color" bug still exists on low-performance machines. Let me know how it works on yours.
CAUTION: Version 1.0 has a rather obvious display bug on my 2002-model 1GHz Powerbook.

The right hand side of the screen, rather than showing the nice information console, is instead flooded with various shades of green, blue and red.

However, everything works fine on my 2.6 GHz Intel Macbook Pro. Let me know if you have this display problem on your machine.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Posted version 1.0.
Updated the blog in preparation for public release of the game.

Several small changes and improvements have also been made to the game. Stationary wall turrets now attempt to prevent you from completing your rescue mission, and new enemy Sentinel ships show up at the later levels.

As well, there are now special levels: Wall Gun levels and Money levels.