Space Prisoner 1.4

Space Prisoner 1.4
Work on Space Prisoner has ceased.
However, I will continue to update the high score list as scores come in.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

- Now that the quaternion problem is solved, I've had time to take a breather and return to some existing elements of the game that needed attention. For instance:

- Increased asteroid size by a factor of 4+. This makes them easier to hit, but also tougher to avoid. In general I find that it makes the asteroids more a part of the game when they are bigger.
- New enemy ship graphics (I added enhancements to a free model I downloaded from
- New ChaseCam view allows more panoramic view around the ship
- Revised the particle systems routines to make the particles move more realistically
- I found that the less text I render, the better. There was a dramatic speed improvement when I removed the debugging text.
- Created a basic framework for powerups - a few of the smallest asteroids are of a slightly different colour, and will release a random powerup when hit. (Coming soon!)
- More combing of old code and fixing little errors
- Experimented with temporary gravity toward the -z wall (this could be a powerup)

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