Space Prisoner 1.4

Space Prisoner 1.4
Work on Space Prisoner has ceased.
However, I will continue to update the high score list as scores come in.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some exciting new updates are on the way for Space Prisoner! I might have to call the next version 2.0, because there are some major changes to the gameplay coming up...

1) Timed levels - you have only a certain amount of time to rescue the prisoners. This avoids the problem of "hanging around" on the first few (easy) levels, racking up points. It also gives more of a sense of urgency to the game.

2) The ability to fly OUTSIDE the cube! You'll start outside, and have to find the entranceway to get in. At any time, you can wander back outside again too, if you want. Watch out though, the wall guns have the ability to swivel their barrel to the outside and defend, so you won't be completely safe out there!

Let me know what you think of these changes, and email me with any other ideas you have. I'm open to all suggestions, major or minor! The object is to make the game more fun, even if it means changing it in a big way.


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